Tear in the space-time continuum

It's All About Me

It's All About Me ...

By looking attentively at old and smeared walls, or stones and veined marble of various colours, you may fancy that you see in them several compositions, landscapes, battles, figures in quick motion, strange countenances ... ~Leonardo da Vinci

The use of symmetrical inkblots is often associated with, and was used in, psychiatric analysis (Rorsarch being one of many to use this technique).

I have combined the above ideas in an exercise of self examination and what this might mean regarding my ‘self’ or ‘inner psyche' within the world space I occupy.

I have discovered representations of my place in the cosmos, myself at the crossroads of a decision, places where I am part of the ‘big picture’, places where I am simply in transition from one state of mind to another. In some I am meditative. Faces, animal and human, are to be found within the symmetries.
I have included two instances of the same photograph, they represent the 'Yin and Yang', light and dark of life that here I have shown to be existing symbiotically within the original photograph.

These and many other aspects of what I consider makes up ‘me’ are to be found within the images I have produced.
The hood and mask are metaphors of times in my life when I have tended to be 'a little backward at coming forward', shy. Reticent to push myself to the front, all the while believing that I could contribute more.

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