Tear in the space-time continuum

Reclamation after dereliction

Reclamation after dereliction :

Part of an on-going project about my observations on dereliction and how Gaia reclaims her domain.

My imagination is drawn to buildings that show remnants of former glories but have fallen into disuse. I see this deterioration as a period of transition where the building may be later transformed for other use as a building or the inevitable reclamation by nature.

I see the artwork itself as a re-cycling of the subject.
In the photographic style employed here I am trying to convey a sense of deterioration and re-growth, former glory and changes yet to come.

The outcome of this struggle will be determined by the action of people to reclaim the site and put it back to work or by the inaction of people to simply let nature take it’s course and re-develop the site for itself.

Nature is more patient than mankind and is very much used to reclaiming our efforts once we neglect them.

My project here employs (for the most part) double and triple exposure in camera where post processing is confined to tidying and cropping.

Post processing and image manipulation (where I consider it an enhancement to my work) through computer software is also in evidence.

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